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Our Story

It all began on the ice

Posture Energy began with a simple question: "How can we help figure skaters improve their posture?" Well, as it turns out, this question was incredibly difficult to answer and it required decades of research in posture and proprioception to provide the answer. 

We have found the answer. The answer is comprised of to elements: Innovative posture training aids and a secret proprioception ingredient. 

The combination of the innovative posture training aids and the secret proprioception ingredient gave such remarkable results for figure skaters that it caught the attention of professionals in many fields of training and research.  

The POSTURE ENERGY training expertise has grown to cover all sports such as golf, hockey, dance, soccer, baseball as well as workplace posture and mental training. 

The Posture Energy team now includes kinesiologists, chiropractors, physiotherapist, sport psychologist and neuroscientists. All members of the Posture Energy team are fully dedicated in providing you with the best posture and proprioception training experience and will help you achieve great posture and attain your highest level of performance. 


Our Secret Proprioception Ingredient

Our secret proprioception ingredient draws it's power from DIRECTIONAL PROPRIOCEPTION and it is at the core of our revolutionary posture training formula. 

All the Posture Energy training aids were created to work in perfect harmony with our proprioception secret ingredient and it is this perfect combination that has propelled Posture Energy to the forefront of posture training. 

We have named our secret ingredient: AIR GLIDE

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